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Pure Laws & Principles

"The complete Art of Lymphasizing is a new science that reveals the mental, nutritional and physical laws of health [natural laws of God] which man must obey to keep the blood proteins circulating via the lymphatic system."  Breaking these laws speeds up the death process to cause disease.

The "Pure Laws and Principles" and other non-secular teachings include:

1.  Mental - Donít fight, argue, quarrel, ridicule, criticize, condemn, find fault, or cast blame.  "To Love Is To Be A Friend." (The Language Of Friendship And Peace - No RCCFFCB) 

Our research confirms that stress reduction is helpful in curtailing disease.  This is information which members of the medical community have been attempting to promote, as well.  To have anger, loss of temper, holding grudges, or resentment is "potential suicide" to the human body, and to ridicule, criticize, condemn, find fault, or cast blame is "potential murder."  Your body reacts very strongly, in an extremely self-destructive manner to negative reactions.

Those who break the laws of "Friendship" have the ability to kill. That which one does to destroy another will also destroy them - even if it means to be destroyed by "Trapped Blood Proteins."  These can result in an immediate "short circuit to the electrical system" and cause "Hot Spots," which represents itself as cancer or some other degenerative disease!

Enemies do not want you to love them.  They want to fight!  However, if anger, loss of temper, holding grudges, and resentment can cause "trapped blood proteins" in your body, you have to love your enemies to save who?  (Yourself.)  Now, you have a reason to love your enemies!

To "love" is to be compassionate to your fellow man.  We can create peace as we develop love and charity for eachother?  "Friendship" does not cease until one person gets the idea that the other person doesn't care how they feel.  Negative psychological impacts created when an individual feels invalidated, betrayed or abandoned can be reprogrammed, preventing further harm.

As a compassionate, honest, and charitable person, I care about how you feel and I will share myself, who I am and what I have with you regardless of race or religion.  The gift of Charity creates validation and concerned human interaction which can override everything else.

With love and charity, as long as you know that I care how you feel then there will be a positive subconscious interaction between us.  This positive "energy-flow" then instantaneously creates the feeling that you can take responsibility for free choice in all things, and I will support you.  I will not ridicule, criticize, condemn, find fault, or cast blame upon you, and, although I may not always agree with your choices, I will stand by you and fight to assure your right to make them.  In taking this attitude, I will reduce the personal stress in my life and extend the possibilities for more years of compassionate service.

War has been the greatest scourge of mankind throughout history.  Mankind, brothers and sisters, killing eachother because we haven't fully understood the principles of friendship.  At this point in history, are we ready to understand that the peace in our preciously sought "freedom" comes from obedience to principles of sharing, friendship and living in a social environment which promotes healthy growth.  Each individual in each group must allow all other groups "free agency," which is the right to choose what they want to believe and what they want to become, as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others!  The Salem witch burnings were one of the most drastic and horrible examples of this principle in reverse.

Are you ready for the idea that - if we are going to manifest real peace on earth, it's not enough just to become interested in reducing the amount of anger, rage, dysfunctional control and abuse against ourselves and our families - it's not enough just to decide not to be enemies - because we actually must to turn our focus towards actually becoming friends, and then we'll also extend this attitude out to our neighbors.  Friendship and charity overrides all prejudice.  If you have developed the gift of charity, you donít "have" to share, you "want" to share.

No RCCFFCB, let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me!  RCCFFCB = Ridicule, Criticize, Condemn, Find Fault, and Cast Blame.  If a husband and wife can love and trust eachother, simply looking at eachother in the eyes and saying, "I care about you," they have accomplished a great moment together.  And "best friends" do not usually separate.  Yes, love is to be a "friend!"

The empirical medical research showing how shock, stress from anger, loss of temper, holding grudges, and resentment will cause "trapped blood proteins" is presented in the book, The Golden Seven Plus Two.  We invite you to read it.  It could
save your life!

2.  Nutritional - Proper nutrition means consciously eating foods and nutritional supplements that are actually good for your body. 

Donít defile your body with harmful products, inside or outside.  This means that if you are giving yourself and your family products that "damage cells" or that "make them thirsty," you are probably giving them poisons, and to continue to do this is "potential suicide" and "potential murder."

Addictions to tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, carbonated drinks, and drugs cause great damage to cells.  When cells get damaged, they put off poisons, and poisons are poisons because they dilate the tiny pores of the capillary membranes, and the blood proteins "rush out" to cause loss of energy, pain, suffering, and death by disease.

If you feed an animal poison, the first thing they go for is water.  Blood proteins hold water.  When poisons of any kind are ingested, they pull water out of the blood stream.  As blood proteins come out with the water it causes a craving for replacement of that water - it makes you thirsty.  The thirst is the by-product of the poison.  It is the "lack of oxygen" produced from "trapped blood proteins" that cause death!

If you have been doing these things in ignorance it is time to stop, because you have now learned the truth.  If you continue to do them, without restraint - it could be potential suicide.  If anyone has had "death wish" programming, we can help them identify it and reprogramm them with the power of the truth so they can begin to love themselves and others enough to make the positive changes they deserve.

3.  Physical - Be physically active "all the days of your life" and breathe deeply everywhere you go to activate the lymphatic system! 

Statistically, death occurs for those who go into "retirement," from three to five years after they "retire."  That is "potential suicide," and if you get a disease, which could cause "stress" and a resulting disease in a loved one - then it could turn into "potential murder!"

"Breathe deeply everywhere you go," as a rule of life!  Your cells have to have oxygen to live.  A set of lungs was provided in your body to make it possible for you to see to it that your cells have the proper amount of oxygen to remain healthy.  If you needed oxygen badly, how should you breathe?  (Deeply)  Every cell in every organ of your body needs oxygen to stay healthy.  What will you do to make sure that your cells get enough oxygen to remain "healthy?"  (Lymphasize and breathe deeply everywhere you go!)

Have you noticed that when you go on a long trip, the one who does the talking does not get as tired as quickly as the rest?  Have you noticed that when you get involved in a vigorous conversation, you can talk all night?  Where does that "energy" come from?  The oxygen that you get from the constant deep breathing.

Glucose plus Oxygen yields what in your body?  (ATP)  ATP is what?  (Pure energy for the life process of the cell.)  And the "life process" of the cell generates what?  (Energy)  Health, in one word is what?  (Energy!)  How important is it to breathe deeply wherever you go?

Do you remember Norman Cousins?  He had a so-called "incurable disease."  After all the doctors could do for him in the hospital, they told him that he was going to die.  He said, "If Iím going to die, Iím going to go laughing."  He bought all those funny films and what happened?  He laughed himself well!  Laughing expands your lungs and assists the process of oxygenation of the cells.

The main thing that activates your lymphatic system is "deep breathing!"  So the breath of life moves the "tree of life."  This is the system that removes the dead cells, the poisons and toxic wastes from your body.  It has the ability to "eat them up."  Are you aware of what the lymph system can do to dead cells, poisons and toxic waste?  Ok, if your lymphatic system isnít working - where do the dead cells stay?  (In the body!)  Where do the trapped blood proteins stay?  (In the body!)  This will soon turn into a "lake of murky water" which is the breeding pond for disease of every kind.

All three of these "Pure Laws and Principles" are laws of charity.  If we have love for ourselves and others, we will obey them.  As a result of obeying these "Pure Laws and Principles," we will become "one in heart and mind," and we will have the ability to overcome disease and live in peace.  This is what we want to work and live for.

Not to fight, argue, quarrel, ridicule, criticize, find fault, or cast blame - these are principles of love and charity.  Not to "defile your body" is a principle of love and charity.  Not to be lazy; to work and breathe deeply everywhere you go - these are also principles of love and charity.  When we obey the laws of charity we become one in heart, one in mind, and we then hold the keys to live in peace.

To obey the "pure laws and principles," is to have pure charity! 

When anyone breaks the above Mental, Nutritional, or Physical "Pure Laws and Principles," it will cause the blood proteins to become "trapped" around their cells somewhere in their bodies, and these "trapped" blood proteins will produce a lack of oxygen and alter the sodium-potassium pumps in the cells.  The Applied Lymphology Course teaches that these Pure Laws and Principles are a "Rod of Iron," and when anyone breaks them, it will cause pain, suffering, and death by disease.  Therefore, we have the choice to obey these laws or be destroyed by the diseases which are now destroying so many of our fellow inhabitants on Earth.  Non-adherence to these principles and laws are the cause of loss of energy, pain, suffering, and every disease known to man!

First, we breathe deeply and implement the Power Healô techniques taught in the Applied Lymphology Course.  These techniques help un-trap the blood proteins and allow the body to get oxygen to the cells, which, in turn, triggers the sodium-potassium pumps which supply the power to allow the bodyís natural immune system to do its job.  Once activated, it continues to work the proper processes that allow/enable the body to heal itself.  We teach self-help techniques in the Applied Lymphology Course - including the laying on of hands in faith for the healing of the sick.  We also teach about the administering of herbs, mild foods, and other natural healing arts - which anyone can use to heal themselves and/or their family members.

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