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A Noah's Ark
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"A Noah's Ark"

  It is our sincere belief that we have a solemn moral obligation to use our free choice and intelligence to do all in our power, mentally, nutritionally and physically, to work for the relief of the ills and suffering of humanity.

  The goal of Clarity University is to get this life saving research into every home - so people (those who learn it) will be made aware of what must be done to prevent, remove and eliminate pain, loss of energy and disease from their bodies.  We have developed many Power Heal™ techniques which can be implemented individually, at home, without drugs, surgery or medication of any kind.

  For the past four decades, this research has been funded by donations and charitable contributions from thousands of people around the world who received this information and discovered how valuable its application was in their own lives.  We also ask that you share this information with others, as Noah attempted when he was in the process of building the Ark.

Internal Drowning 

In Noah's day, the water came externally.  Today, it's coming internally "Like a Flood" and millions are being destroyed.

Exploding Health Care Costs 
On September 1, 1980, US News and World Report magazine stated, "New Government projections show that the per capita cost of medical care, estimated at $1,078 this year, will almost triple to $3,057 by 1990."

Medical care costs went from 12.75 billion in 1950 to 244.6 billion in 1980, almost a 20 fold increase!  In 1980, 8% of the economy was dominated by health expenses and that figure grew to 13.6%, since 1993.  In 1997, medical care reached $1.035 trillion, topping a trillion for the first time - an 81 fold increase in cost since 1950!

The costs of medical care have grown faster than the rest of the economy for decades.  Health care costs toppled over two trillion in 2005!  By the end of 2014, these costs have exceeded over four trillion dollars!  Suprise health care costs have been the #1 leading cause of bankruptcy for many, many years now!  How many bankrupcy programs have a solution for this?  .......  We do!  For the entire world!

We will either learn how to conquer disease or be destroyed by it. 
By 1993, in the United States alone, 4,700 people per day were suffering and dying with heart disease and cancer alone.

As an example:  When the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, it instantly took approximately 70,000 lives.
Our example is the equivalent to the destruction of a similar atomic bomb being exploded over a city every two weeks, killing 70,000 people per bomb!
That is 24 atomic bombs per year!


America Has Been In The "Medical Dark Ages" 
We have never had a war that has killed more people than are now being destroyed by heart disease and cancer in the United States, not taking into account the rest of the world.  When you add all of the many other diseases man has to deal with, it is even worse!

Clarity University has developed a new Applied Lymphology Course in order to make it possible, if used properly, to keep your family and loved ones from being part of the current and coming destruction by disease.  This course has recently been upgraded and is now made available through Zero Disease, LLC.

  Moses Parted the Red Sea 
When you are empowered to control water down to "dry" ground, or as Dr. Arthur C. Guyton said, the ""dry" state; that is, no excess fluid is present," you can perform miracles.  The scientific discovery known as the "Dry" State, (the healthy condition of the cells), may now be more spiritual and more profound than ever.  When your cells are in the "Dry State" they can reproduce and heal at a speed that is almost impossible for most people to believe - the healing can take place almost instantaneously.

It's nice to be able to perform miraculous Power Heal™ techniques, when necessary.  However, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble by preventing the emergency from occurring in the first place.  In essence, the best way to cheat death is to avoid cheating life.

  Ancient Chinese Proverb 

In relation to an ancient Chinese proverb, which has been used for thousands of years to judge ones sanity - farmers know that if a crop is flooded with water for too long, it will drown and die.  Imagine a farmer walking out to his field of crops, early in the morning, only to find his crops being over flooded with water.  He can see this flood is coming from a new stream being caused by a nearby broken river bank.  He is given a bucket and asked to commence to remove the water.

What should he do?

If he first takes steps to remove the excess water from his crops, bucket by bucket, he is designated as insane.  However, if he first acts to patch up or dam up the river bank and block the stream flowing into his crop, he is judged to be sane.  The definition of insanity is to keep doing what we've always done and expect things to change.

The health care costs can't be solved by merely spending more money on health care costs.  Also, in order to become a new person, we have to align ourselves with the pure laws and principles of nature - we can't continue to break the laws without paying the consequences, no matter how many anti-depressant pills are available to us.

How nice would it be if we could prevent this "river bank" from breaking to begin with?

The good news is there are many different kinds of "buckets" to work with today, and most importantly, many fun, simple, and easy ways to prevent what is causing the "flood".  In essence, what you have to do to prevent the "river bank" from breaking in your body, and the key to true prevention, is to align yourself with Pure Laws and Principles.

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